Friday, January 9, 2009

Gabe's Room

I absolutely love the walls in Gabe's room, so graciously painted by Sandi and seen in this post here. But, his bedding's getting a little bit worn and the rest of the room really isn't pulled together. I saw the below bedding in Pottery Barn kids a while back and thought it was cute. It's simple, but would add some color, and I have the stars on the curtains already. I was actually thinking of trying to make it (TRY not to laugh). I have a machine, and with some guidance from all of my sewing mothers, maybe it could be my first official project. :-) The idea I really love are these headboards (pic from Domino Magazine). These also seem simple enought to make and since I don't have a headbord for his bed, I thought this might be a good idea and could coordinate it with the quilt and rest of his room. (BTW, I love this room for little girls.)
We'll see how it goes. :-)