Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kitchen Preview

Picnik collage

Thanks to my amazing sister, my kitchen is now a lovely shade of Rainwater (by Sherwin Williams).  I know it's hard to see the color in these pictures, but I am loving the change!  It's definitely an adjustment, the kitchen was a nice, sunny (but not too bright) yellow previously, and it kept things nice and light.  This is definitley more muted, but a very soothing and welcomed change.

What happened to Sea Glass, you may ask?  Well, my sister, being the professional that she is (seriously, she has her own painting business - Simple Start, Inc.), picked up the chip (that I had picked out ONLINE, without seeing it in person), proceeded to call me and say something like, "Umm, you do not want this color."  Really?  It's one of Martha's top 12 favorite colors!  Too bright she thought, and she was right.  When she showed me the actual chip in person, I thanked her profusely for helping me avert another aqua-blue disaster (and my apologies to my friend Jamie, who graciously helped me paint that first infamous blue, and who has sworn she will never paint for me again.  :-)).

She actually chose this color instead, based on a description of what I wanted, and it was a winner!  She freshened up the trim (who am I kidding - it had never been painted, so "freshening" is a major understatement!), did all the set up, furniture moving and clean up, too. 

The problem now becomes that once I paint something, a snowball effect ensues and everything else surrounding becomes so much less appealing.  Hmmmm....patience, patience..for now I will enjoy my new blueish/greyish/greenish kitchen!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kitchen Paint Color

I have a major itch to make some changes around here, starting with the walls.  I'm thinking of this color for my kitchen.  I really want to try an aqua-y blue, but my first attempt was disaster - too bright and didn't work with the other colors in the house. 

This is a Martha Stewart color called "Sea Glass."  What do you think?  Too green?  Too bold?  Just right?  Painting starts Monday, so fingers crossed!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Latte Bowl Cupcakes

March 9, 2011

Tonight I was making some cupcakes and had just enough batter left over to fill my mini latte bowls.  After realizing they don't really sit on an oven rack very well, I set them in a glass pie dish and then put them in the oven and baked them for the regular time.  Worked like a charm!  And so, so cute.  Now I need to buy some more latte bowls......