Monday, January 24, 2011

Bookmarks: Part I

I need something to get me motivated over here again, so I thought I'd share some things I've bookmarked recently (or not so recently) in hopes that I can get back in the saddle!

My entryway is in SERIOUS need of updating.  It's currently a pale green (I know, right?) and I'm thinking of something in the grey family for wall color.  It was love at first sight when I saw this image on Isabella & Max last week.  LOVE the grey with the white trim, and that stencil!  I've seen Whitewall stencils here and there, but haven't quite worked up the nerve (or time...or energy) to try one.  But I think the entryway could be a good spot to make a statement.

She even has her tutorial here.  Now all I need is some spare time....and a little courage!

Monday, January 10, 2011

So many good books, so little time.....

January 10, 2011

Looking at this stack of books {which have been accumulating next to the couch for some time now} makes me want to hole up in this house for about a week and read / clean / organize / redecorate and otherwise get some stuff done around here! 

The new year is off and running, and I have a fresh dose of motivation.  Maybe this giant stack of books will help me.  If nothing else, they will be good reading.

Except that one on the bottom.  That's not mine.  No way.