Friday, December 19, 2008


I'm not that crazy about most of my Christmas decorations, but one thing I do love is my snowglobe collection. Dan had one that was given to him as a child, and then he's given me one for Christmas every year since the second Christmas we were married. I just think they're really pretty and festive.
As fate would have it, I got my trial copy of Ready Made today (can't remember where I found this site, but it looks fun) and they had a little article about them, including DIY Snowglobes! I think it would be a really fun project to do with Gabe.
What's your favorite holiday decoration?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Baking!

Tomorrow I'll be doing some baking for the holidays with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law. It's an annual tradition and at the end we get to split the goods and have a great variety of things. I was surfing flickr looking for some ideas and came across these photos that I thought were pretty and fun. We'll see if ours look anything like this. :-) I can tell you for sure that no matter how our stuff looks, it will taste delicious!
I think my favorite holiday goodie in recent year's is one of Christina's recipes - Ritz Mint Thins. You just dip Ritz crackers in a melted mix of chocolate bark and Andes mint chips - simple but delicious!
I ask this each year, but what's your favorite simple holiday treat?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Two Things

First, how adorable are these mini cakes from Bakerella? I love that the one with fondant is inspired by a Pottery Barn pillow! I haven't tried anything since I did the cupcake bites this summer, but I'd like to. I love her ideas, and her photos, which brings me to my second point.
I am really feeling the need for a super awesome camera (details about hers here). I just feel like the quality of pics is so much better and I think it would be a blast to play with and post pics...maybe even a photography blog? I know I'm getting way ahead of myself. Teara's been doing a great job with the nice camera she's been using!
And speaking of awesome cameras and photos, I found this blog through Trina at la la lovely things and have been loving it. I love her home and all her ideas. Especially this most recent post about swapping meals....I would love that if anyone's up for it! Looks like Meg uses a Canon Rebel as well. Santa, if you're reading..... :-)
Anyway, I'm sort of rambling....still lots of ideas rolling around in my head that I need to organize here!