Friday, July 24, 2009

Currently Blooming: LOTS!

The yard is in full, mid-summer bloom, despite the weird weather we've had this year.

These from a hanging basket I got from the boys for Mother's Day (love these!):

Picnik collage

Some Marigolds:

Picnik collage


Picnik collage

Daylillies still going strong:

Picnik collage


Picnik collage

Weeds and other miscellany:

Picnik collage IMG_4494

I wish our yard looked as pretty as these shapshots might make it seem. It's actually a little grown over and messy, but I'm not complaining. I'll be sure to come back to these photos for a little encouragement this winter when everything is brown (or white!).

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Anonymous said...

You really need to try to sell some of your flower pics. They are great!
love ya,