Friday, August 14, 2009

Currently Blooming: Zinnias!

I am really happy to say that the zinnias that I grew from seed this year survived and are blooming! I'm just bummed that I let about half the seedlings die because I never finished putting them all in the ground. I think I'll do these again next year; I just love the hardy colorful blooms. I'm torn between cutting a bouquet and leaving them in the yard. :-) I also love the detail on these; I was noticing that little ring of "mini" flowers around the cool.

IMG_4920 Picnik collage IMG_4901

I took the ones below in one of the "creative" settings on my camera; interesting the difference in color. I need to learn more about those settings. :-)

Picnik collage Picnik collage


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful Sara! I think I would like to try to grow some from seed next year as well. I really haven't got a clue how to do this. Did you start them in the house and then transplant them?
Love, Ruth

Sara said...

Hi, Ruth! Yes, we started them inside in one of those little plastic seed starter kits. Then we went through the hardening process where you put the seedlings outside during the day for a few days, and then we put them in the ground. We did everything in our garden that way, too, this year. The key is the hardening process; if you just put them right in the groud without that tranistion period, they don't make it (Sandi told me that. :-) But those instructions also come with the kit). Good luck next year!

Anonymous said...

You need to sell your pictures or enter a competition or maybe publish a book of photos. They are great!
love ya,