Saturday, June 12, 2010

The List

I made some progress on my list weekends ago (holy cow, what did I do last weekend?).  And we finally made our summer list.  Drumroll, please......


It was assembled with input from all four family members, and we actually had a good time putting it together.  And you'll see I had to add at least one item toward the bottom, just so I could check it off (please tell me you do that, too!)

And did I ever mention that I finally did the chalkboard door?  In like January.  And it still needs touch ups around the trim.  Add it to the list! (looking at this picture reminds me I also should have put potty training on the list....and hanging those pictures properly!).

{Inspriation for this list: here.}


The4Bells said...

I recognize those pictures : )
A list is a good idea... helps make sure you do get some structured things done over summer without it just going by and not knowing what happened to it! Good luck with yours, sounds like a fun one!

Oh and you should add come visit us to the list : 0

Ruth said...

I love the idea of making a list! I should do this to keep me on track! Otherwise the summer gets away from me. :0) Love, Ruth

Christina said...

This is a really great list. I love collect shoes for Haiti, run with Daddy and water balloon fight. So fun. And I love them all written in the pink chalk on your door :-)

Sounds like the perfect summer!!

Amy Kate said...

Oooh! So excited to finally see the blackboard door!! Looks awesome! I have painted the doors in the paint-over-paneling-tv-room and want to do one blackboard paint. You have clinched it with this!
AND I openly add fake gimmes to any list I make. Today, after scrubbing out coolers for a party this weekend, I wrote on my day-by-day party prep to do list "Clean out coolers" and immediately checked it off.