Saturday, April 2, 2011

Favorite. Find. Ever.

IMG_2061 Found this for $1 at an estate sale with my girlfriends a couple weeks ago. It was just lying in an empty garage with a dozen or so other books. I almost jumped for joy when I found it. After watching Julie and Julia, who wouldn't want a copy? It's a 1966 printing, and it a little worn, which makes it just about perfect. Nothing I love more than finding a treasure like this! We may or may not have been fearing for our lives as four young (we're still young right?), pretty girls in a house alone with an apparently drunk man and his dog, but I wasn't leaving without this book! Haha! {P.S. We did some major thrifting as well; separate post forthcoming on that...and how much I love Goodwill!} IMG_2064 IMG_2069 IMG_2068 IMG_2067


Jamie said...

It was a good find! And a story to remember to go with it : )

Christina said...

What a find!! I love the worn and slightly tattered look of the book and pages too. I agree - perfect!

Sounds like quite the estate sale, too! Glad you made it out alive and with an amazing deal in hand!

So when is beef bourguignon on the menu?? :)

Anonymous said...

So when do you do the calf's foot jelly thing?
love ya,

Ruth said...

I loved that movie!! What an incredible find!! I don't think I would ever use the recipes (I'm not that good cooking American food), but I would love to find this cookbook! Bon Appetit!! :0)