Friday, December 19, 2008


I'm not that crazy about most of my Christmas decorations, but one thing I do love is my snowglobe collection. Dan had one that was given to him as a child, and then he's given me one for Christmas every year since the second Christmas we were married. I just think they're really pretty and festive.
As fate would have it, I got my trial copy of Ready Made today (can't remember where I found this site, but it looks fun) and they had a little article about them, including DIY Snowglobes! I think it would be a really fun project to do with Gabe.
What's your favorite holiday decoration?


Anonymous said...

That snowglobe was given to Dan by Izora, a lady I worked with. She was the sweetest person. I think it is so neat that he buys you the globes each year. That is very romantic. My favorite decorations are my music boxes. One from Izora and one I got on sale one year. Unfortunately my musical snowglobe broke, so I no longer have it.
love ya,

The Jones Family said...

I have the Martha Stewart make-your-own-Christmas-gifts magazine from last year and this year and one of them has directions to make your own snowglobes, and they're super cute! What a fun collection :). Thanks for posting it!