Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I would like this to be my foyer, please.

Is wallpaper making a big comeback or what? I'm really getting tempted. I love this foyer...the pic is from Thibaut via Little Green Notebook (I've been loving this blog; thanks, Joyce!).


Erica said...

Ohhhhh....This is gorgeous! Love it.

Wallpaper is making a comeback. I ordered some and was going to have Sandi :-) come and help me hang it. That was before putting the house on the market. There is wallpaper though that is supposed to come off really easily (and even renters are able to use it--at least that's what they say). I'm going to wallpaper everything in our rental!


Sara said...

Erica, I remember Sandi saying something about helping you with wallpaper...I can't wait to see pics when you do it in your new place! I'm tempted to do our little bathroom, but the walls are textured, so I'm not sure if that would work.