Saturday, May 16, 2009


We've decided this year to start our garden from seeds. So far, things are going pretty well (hopefully it won't frost tonight!). Dan did some seeds directly in to the ground (first collage below): lettuce, spinach, carrots, corn, peas, beans. And then we started some other things inside with one of those starter trays (second collage below): artichokes, basil, cilantro, yellow squash, edamame, zinnias, cucumbers, sweet williams, watermelon and zuicchini. I'm pretty sure we won't have room to properly grow all these things, but it has been fascinating growing things from seed. I know Jamie and Sandi do this, but we've usually just purchased the plants from a garden center in past years. It definitely seems more rewarding so far to do some things from seed. I just love seeing the new growth everyday. In the second collage the photos on the left side are just last weekend (we planted them Saturday night) and the photos on the right side are from yesterday. So much fun to see everything getting big (especially my zinnias - center pic).

Now, if anyone has any advice for getting the inside seedling out and into the ground safely, please let me know! :-)

P.S. I realize I am posting everything in collages now. It's become a serious addiction! Sorry. It's just an easy way to post lots of pics at once. :-) Garden Seed Collage Inside Seedlings


Anonymous said...

I put some of my seedlings out on Saturday, even though there was the chance of frost. It was too tempting, the weather was so nice. I know that I didn't do it correctly and I'm paying for it because most of the marigolds didn't make it. My big mistake was not "hardening" the seedlings off first. Basically, it is much sunnier, more winder, and the temperature fluctuates more out of doors. To prepare the plants for the outdoors, it helps to give them some time outside in a sheltered area a few days before the transplant. You can bring them in at night, but put them in a partially shaded area during the day. Keep them watered, because they dry out quickly outdoors. I'm trying something with the ones I didn't harden off. I planted them today and placed a clear plastic cup over the top - like a minigreenhouse. I'll let you know how it works.
love ya,

The4Bells said...

Good job. I actually barely started anything inside this year for the 1st time. Just no time and no room : )
I was going to say the same thing as Sandi... to harden them 1st. And then just keep them really well watered once in your garden.
Good luck & happy gardening!

Sara said...

Thanks, ladies! We actually put them outside in the shade today for their first day of "hardening." Maybe one more day and then we'll see how they look. I'm definitely getting impatient but want them to be good and ready to brave the elements. :-)

Anonymous said...

Just a note to tell you that the cup thing wasn't super successful. I had some perfectly clear cups and it got too hot and the seedlings go very limp, but the frosted white/clear cups worked pretty well.
love ya,