Monday, May 4, 2009

Simple Start

dining room plants

My sister has always been really great at painting (maybe because she always got stuck with it?). :-) She has graciously painted many things around here for us over the years. And she's done lot for other people, too. And did I mention she's really good at it? :-)

She recently started her own painting company, called Simple Start, Inc., and it's really taking off! She helped us a couple of months ago with a project in our dining that I've been wanting to do for a long time. Actually, it's a technique I learned from Christina and stripe a wall in the exact same color, but alternate flat and satin finishes. The effect of the light makes the stripes noticeable, but subtle.

Here's the before and after....drumroll, please...

before and after dining room

And a larger "after:"


Much better! This room has taken a LOT of different forms. When we bought the place, this room was stark white. I decided I wanted a lovely robin's egg blue (Jamie was gracious to help). :-) It also served as the kitchen (notice the fridge!) while the real kitchen was being gutted. Let's just say, the blue didn't last long (wonder why?! it wasn't Jamie's painting).

Way before dining room

For a long time it was the family/TV room (bottom left corner), but I didn't like the green (which we painted VERY shortly after the blue) with my craigslist couch and rug. Then last fall we turned it into the dining room.

dining room middle

Here's the big transformation in progress and Becky in action (and C a little bit, too!). :-)

Beck Painting

Now, it's starting to come together. Still lots to go, like finishing the light fixture, chair rail, paining the new trim (which Dan modeled after the other trim in the house - nice work, hon!).

dining room after collage

As you can see, Beck did a great job! She is SUPER meticulous, but efficient...she did the whole room in one afternoon / evening. If you need some painting done, HIRE HER! :-) Here's her info: Simple Start, Inc.,,

Thanks, Beck!!


Ruth said...

Sara, I love the new look in your dining room! Becky did a wonderful job! Love, Ruth

Anonymous said...

It is really pretty. Becky did a fantastic job. And I like that room as a dining room, better than as a family room. The set up you have now makes your house look more spacious.
love ya,

Amy Kate said...

Wow!! That looks fantastic! Great work, Becky!
I love that the room has had so many different purposes in your time there, and now I don't feel so bad that I feel like repainting rooms I painted last year/two years ago!!!
If I had a sister like Becky, I would make her move in with me for a week or two. AMAZING!!

The4Bells said...

Wow!! I couldn't figure out where in your house that was because it looks so different. I haven't been over in awhile I guess!
It looks great, very very nice. So where's yours couch & TV area now?

The4Bells said...

Oh & thanks for a terrible picture of me! Spending my day painting it a color that you quickly changed : )

Christina said...

Wow! I love those stripes with the brown. It looks beautiful!! I love it! And I love these collages, too. Becky did a great job. I'm so impressed and happy to hear that her business is going so well. YAY! Can't wait to see it in person :-)


Sara said...

Thanks, everyone!

And sorry, Jamie. Love you! :-)

Jill and Billy said...

I know I'm late on this, but.. this looks awesome! What a talented sister you have!!