Thursday, December 31, 2009

Framed Series

So, I mentioned that my sister recently moved into a new place, and she hinted that she'd like to frame some photos for the walls. Enter Christmas and a modest budget we mutually agreed to, and framing photos became an attractive option as her gift.

I began looking through my photos from the last year, and a lot of my favorites were either trees or leaves. Not sure what that tells me, but I put these six together for her and framed them in some frames I got for $1.99 this summer at the Christmas Tree Shoppe in New Hampshire.

I was happy with the result and I think she liked them, too. Or she hung them up anyway, so I think that's a good sign. Makes me want to print some for myself - which reminds me of the wall of frames I posted about here....eek, that was over a year ago and I still haven't done it. Oh well, it's a new year and maybe with that will come some new motivation!

Picnik collage IMG_9786

I also did this print for my dad and father-in-law. This was a picture of Mount Washington we took when we were in New Hampshire this summer. I liked this as well, but the mountains turned out a little dark in the actual print.

Mount Washington


The4Bells said...

The pics for Beck look really good. Like the black & white on that color wall. Really is a good way to get some art and decorations in your home!

Amy Kate said...

sara, it has been so great to see your photography develop (get it?) from snapping shots of the kids to really beautiful work.
What a great gift!

I need to get cracking on my "photo wall" too, but think I need to repaint the living room first...

Anonymous said...

Sara, I love these photos! They are marvelous!! Doug and I love nature pictures, especially trees, leaves, etc. The print of Mount Washington with the verse at the top, awesome! That is something Doug and I would pay good money for! :0) Nice job! Love, Ruth

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful and Tim LOVES his present. He hung it up right away! I know that you could sell these on Etsy. Your black and whites and colors are all great.
love ya,

Sara said...

Thanks, everyone!

Christina said...

So very true! What beautiful pictures and wonderful gifts!!! So impressed!!