Monday, January 18, 2010

Bright Spots


I feel like I am in a winter funk lately. Maybe a little S.A.D. Just needing the sun and a change of pace and scenery. So, this evening I decided to perk myself up with some recent (albeit shallow) bright spots:

I now have my very own copy of Martha's Encyclopedia of Crafts, thanks to a gift from my mother-in-law. And look what's coming out in March, just in time for my birthday (OK, that's just horrible and shameless....):

I found not one, but TWO more sets of the bird dishes at our local Target. Totally made my night. (Funny side story....found two sets, but realized that one of them had someone's OLD DISHES in the box! Who does that?! I was still partially excited because of the other box, and then my husband walked down the aisle and found one more. Yay!)

I have L'Occitane and Bath and Body gift certificates that are burning holes in my pockets. Thinking about these items, maybe:

A new fragrance, perhaps

Lip balm recommended by Camilla in the giveaway

My traditional favorite from Bath & Body

And by "bright spots" I don't mean to diminish the ALWAYS bright spots of my healthy family, a warm home, food....been thinking a lot about those things as well in light of current events. Sometimes you just feel a little "blah," you know?

How do you deal with the winter blahs?


The4Bells said...

I know what you mean! But this time of year I start to get a little hope that winter is on a downward hill... the days are just a little longer, above normal temps this week at least.
I've been wanting to get a pot of flowers like paperwhites or tulip bulbs to grow inside. I just love that this time of year! Maybe I'll start some herbs inside. Growing something always makes me feel better : )

glad you found more dishes :)

Christina said...

How funny is that picture of you with those funky old dishes? Haha! Who does do that?? I'm so happy that you found two more sets afterall. perfect!
I am so with you. I definitely am feeling the winter blues. Last year I beat them with a vacation to Mexico right about now....and since that won't be happening this year, there has to be a plan B. Weren't you guys just getting ready for San Fran last year at this time? Ahhhh, sweet memories!
I love that first picture, by the way. Perfect sun "flare"! I am not anywhere close to getting the hang of that. Very impressive!