Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Liberty Loot

Would you believe I totally BLANKED going to Target on Sunday for the big debut?  So, I ran out today over lunch to see what I could find.  I started with the scarves / bags / wallets (found shortly after walking in the door) and had one of each in hand.  Then I decided I was being too impulsive and put them all back.  On to the clothes.  I decided this shirt was a must have and pressed on in search of more.


Shoes.  The wellies.  Wellies have been on my list for some time now (recall this post).  Found my size.  Done.  Must....find.....more.....


Housewares.  Wait a minute....where are all the housewares? "Ma'am, do you know where all the Liberty of London housewares might be?"  GONE.  Except something caught my eye....a lamp and shade with an orange sticker (my favorite kind of sticker).......half off for this straggler:

If it's possible to be in love with a lamp, I am in love with this lamp.  I scored both parts for a total of $17!  So, even though I was bummed that everything was pretty much gone, I think it worked to my benefit when it came to them clearancing out what was left! 

And the boots....they are super comfy.  I love them and I have finally checked wellies off my list!

I did call another Target tonight and they said they still had items, but they were full price (most items are sold out online, too).  I couldn't go out tonight but may see what I can catch there tomorrow night!


The4Bells said...

How in the world was it on clearance on Tues. if the stuff just came out on Sunday??
And, crazy that everything else sold out so fast!

Sara said...

I know, right? But it was only the housewares; they still had a decent selection of the clothes and accessories, etc. The garden stuff was half off, too - cute gardening tools and watering cans. I seriously wanted to buy one of everything. :-)

The4Bells said...

It does all really cute and so - so you!
I'll have to check it out on my next trip to Target.... like I need another thing to look at or buy at Target!!

Christina said...

oooh, such pretty things! SO so you! I am loving those boots and want that lamp!!! How great that it was on clearance, too!

Amy Kate said...

What the what? Here I am MONTHS later and still irritated because some of my FAVORITE items from LoL have not received orange stickers yet. Grr...