Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

With spring showers on the way (spring officially starting today!), I'm feeling the need for a pair of wellies or rainboots or whatever you want to call them. Here are a few I was perusing on Zappos:
I think these polka dot ones are my fave and they look really comfy and reasonably priced; like them in the grey also.
These are super cute, maybe not quite as practical with the heel.
And then there are the Hunter Originals - classic, but pricey.
Something a little different from Hunter.
These are cute and springy.
Anyone else have some that they'd recommend, and are they comfy?
Happy Spring!

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la la Lovely said...

i got some wellies at J. Crew last year ....they were on sale for like $20.. so cute but they are not that comfy. I think I bought a size up and it is like walking in a stiff cast or something..but i still use them every now and again and I leave them out in the mud room because they are so cute! I like the polka dot ones too.