Monday, April 19, 2010

Did I mention I love spring?


Couldn't resist posting one more of my favorite pictures from this spring.  Anyone know what type of tree this is?  I really wanted to do a little photo shoot with a magnolia tree this spring (that sounds wierd, I know), but it seems they are all past their prime.  I dream of having a big magnolia in my yard; I love the huge, beautiful blooms.  But then again, I love blooms of all kinds. 

What is your favorite spring bloom?

{photo: me}


Christina said...

Gorgeous!! Our backyard neighbors have one of these. I'm pretty sure Patrick said it's a pear tree. But then again I'm the very worst person to ask about these things!!

The4Bells said...

I'd say pear or apple. I know I just love all the blossoms out right now... so pretty!! It's been such a nice spring so far!!

Amy Kate said...

It looks almost like the cherry blossoms we spotted on our little tree last month..I wonder if fruit trees all have similar blooms?