Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

Remember Martha's pom-poms from this post and the Encyclopedia of Crafts?  I tried the mini-version for my mom's birthday last week.  I just layered 4 sheets of tissue, and kept cutting sections in half until I ended up with 12 squares.  Then I accordian folded each one, trimmed the ends to a point, tied a piece of embroidery floss around the center (with enough length to hang them) and then separated the sections.  They took some time, but I love how they look and now I don't want to take them down.  :-) (...though I have lost several to light sabers...hmmmmm....)






Amy Kate said...

Love these! WE're having everyone over for brunch tomorrow, and I think these would be adorable hanging around!

Christina said...

Cute, cute and CUTE! LOVE! I'm thinking birthdays, baby showers, wedding showers...these could be LOTS of fun!

BTW, the part about them getting whacked with light sabers made me laugh...mine wouldn't last long!