Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Favorite Holiday Finds

So, I'm gonna go ahead and pretend it hasn't been several months since my last post (and that my sidebar doesn't still say "Loving Spring") and dive right in.

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite holdiay finds this year.  I must say, I'm feeling OK about this Christmas season.  Shopping wise, I'm a little ahead of where I usually am at this point (which is traditionally NOWHERE).  And I feel like I have a decent plan for everything else, along with a timeline for execution.  Note Exhibit A:


Now, the plan is not complete, and I've already switched today and tomorrow's plans because I didn't feel like cleaning tonight.  You'll see that I've also had some...uh...input from others in this house.  But that makes me feel even better about it.  Have to plan for fun and relaxation, too! (And somewhere on the list I should add, "touch up the white trim on the chalkboard door!")

OK, back to the favorites.  First up, love these red wire baskets I found at the dollar store.  I'm thinking of using them to assemble some hot cocoa gifts using this recipe and a couple of cute mugs, maybe some marshmallows.  I literally scooped up every last one at my local store.  A lady stopped me to ask where I found them.  I directed her to the back corner of the store with a gentle warning, "I have to tell you, I took a lot of them!"  I didn't have the heart to tell her I took them ALL.  And then I proceeded quickly to the checkout. 


And while we are on the topic of the dollar store, I also couldn't resist these cardboard star decorations.   Picked up three (and had to stop myself from picking up more).


We all know you can't give gifts without ribbon!  Found this red ribbon guessed it....the dollar store (there's a theme here) and then found the black and white ribbon at Costco.  They (Costco) had tons of beautiful fabric ribbon in 50 yard spools for $6.99.  50 Yards! (They also had 400 sheet packs of tissue for less than $6; I picked up a pack of that, too, and am hoping to execute my vision this year of filling the house with these on Christmas morning.)



The dollar store isn't the only place where I can't stop myself.  The $1 Spot at Target elicits a similar bulk-buying response.  Found these take-out boxes I plan to use for goodies...particularly my sister-in-law's mother-in-law's carmels.  I think that perhaps robin's egg blue ribbon embellishment will be in order.


And I picked up some of these, thinking that they could be used for my kindergartner's classmates (but I need ideas for contents...any suggestions?).


Last, but certainly not least, my friend Joe delivers again.  Picked up these goodies tonight....giant gingerbread men to decorate ($3.99 each), sugar cookie kit with mix, cutters, icing and sugars ($3.99), delicious goodies I will bring to the office tomorrow in lieu of baking anything tonight, and a new green tea to try.




I hope you are enjoying your holiday season.  I'd love to hear about some of your favorite finds!  Do tell.


Jamie said...

So I'm glad to see an update... I click on your blog often to check other blog updates on your sidebar and will be glad for a change of scenery :)
Think it's hilarious you sent that lady to the back of the store while you darted off with the last of the baskets! Funny!

Christina said...

Oooh, I love all of your finds!! I wish we lived closer and I could shop with you! I do think I may take a jaunt to our Dollar Store and see if I can scoop up any of those red baskets. DARLING! Would be so cute with mugs and cocoa and wrapped up in a cellophane bag tied with that darling ribbon or even baker's twine. So cute!! Thanks for sharing and I love the update.

Love you,

Ruth said...

Yay!! for a new entry in your blog!!! I would love to see the boys faces when they see your house filled with pom poms on Chrismtas morning!! What fun!! I too love the red baskets and the take out containers!! May have to hit the dollar store and target myself! Thanks for the ideas!