Monday, November 17, 2008

Execution: Plate Collage

So, this weekend was my first attempt at the execution of an idea that I've posted here - the plate collage. I finally got all the plate hangers that I needed and since we had a low-key weekend, decided to give it a shot. I used the technique that I read in the original article and cut paper templates of each plate, which I then taped to the wall. I also marked a dot where the hanger on each plate was so Dan would know where the nails should go (just above the dots). I would say this technique definitely made it a breeze to hang them; Dan just put the nail in right through the paper and then we tore it down, hung up the plates, and voila! I do like it; it doesn't have as much bold color as the picture I posted, but I love all these plates for one reason or another. The one with the red flower is from my France trip, and the rest were actually rescued from the post-garage sale trash down in Bloomington a couple years ago while we were on a walk with Christina. So, there you have it.
Next up for execution: Hall of Frames. :-)
The subject wall
Fiddling around with the arrangement
The paper templates
The manpower :-)
The templates on the wall
The finished product!


TheBells3 said...

Turned out very cute! I have a few plates, not that many, but it's a good idea. Now to make sure one of your little sluggers doesn't chuck something in that direction : )


Christina said...

OMGsh, I love it!! When I first glanced at the pics I wondered if any of the plates were from our garbage salvage--and some of them are! YAY! Now I feel inspired to do something with mine. It looks awesome--I can't wait to see it in person!!

BTW, have I mentioned to you that I'm in awe of your ability to keep two blog up to date?? Very impressive. :-)

la la Lovely said...

Fabulous job with the plates.. they look great!!!! Love them.. and love that birthday banner.. that would be a perfect thing to have and pull out every year.. a little tradition of sorts!

hope you guys have a great thanksgiving too!

Anonymous said...

They look great Sara! What a great idea for getting them hung. That probably would have worked for my picture wall and been a lot easier that trying to hold up the pictures with one hand and a level in the other. Love all the ideas you have put on this site. I can't believe that you keep up two blogs!
love ya,

la la Lovely said...

Hey Sara,

Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving.. stop by my blog for a giveaway!
xx Trina