Sunday, March 8, 2009

Drab Doors

Something I'd really love to change in our house are the exterior doors. The interior ones are fine and match the interior trim and woodwork, but the front door leading on to the enclosed front porch, front door leading into the interor and the back door leading to the back porch are all just wood slab doors. No detail, pretty blah and ugly. And the same for the door leading to the half bath off the kitchen. So, I have some inspirations.
We painted the exterior front door a couple of years ago and it's fine, for now. But, for the front door leading into the interior, I bought a chocolately brown paint from the "oops" cart at Lowe's and would like to paint it brown and then do some type of medallion / monogram (realizing that I don't really have much talent in the painting department and may need to "outsource" this). These are my inspirations...
From Pottery Barn Kids (above the headboard there):
Or maybe a vinyl decals from etsy (pics below are from listings here and here): For the door into the half bath off the kitchen, I would REALLY like to do a chalkboard door. Chalkboards are so handy, especially in kitchens, and I'd like to make it big enough for the boys to use the bottom half. I have the chalkboard paint in hand, and these are my inspriations...unfortunately, I can't rememeber where they are from, but were definitely pics from door manufacturers.
And for the back kitchen door leading to the back porch, I'd like to do either a big ribbon board (like the one from PBK below) or some magnet or corkboard tiles.
Or, maybe we could just buy new doors. :-)


TheBells3 said...

I like the idea of a chalkboard door! Would be handy and fun for the boys.

Anonymous said...

I love the door ideas. Let me know If you want help with the monogramming. I can have my Craft Robo cut a monogram stencil. That way it comes out exactly right. As I told you before, I love the chalkboard idea. Did you know that you can also get paint which is magnetic as well?
Let me know if you want my help.
love ya,

la la Lovely said...

A chalkboard door would be so great. We used chalkboard paint on the wall in the kitchen (a long rectangle next to the door) and I love it. It adds a bit of fun and spunk to the room and the kids love it.

And thanks for the link.. FABULOUS pictures that are totally helpful.. love them all. Thank you!

Yes, that is a fireplace. Did you know the house we live in is the one I grew up in? So really it is my parents old room - ha! It is so much fun to FINALLY be making some real changes so it feels more like me and my little family. Sometimes it can be weird but mostly it is wonderful.

Have a lovely week!