Thursday, February 26, 2009

Would it be so bad?

We live in a really old house (100+ years), and it has tons of lovely woodwork. Well, sort of lovely. The downstairs is stained and finished, but a little beat up (a maple-y color, I think..I'm not good with colors of wood), and the upstairs is painted white (was that way when we got here). We were pretty committed to not painting the downstairs trim when we moved in, but lately I really have a bug to do it, especially the stairs. It just feels so dark downstairs; the floor plan is not really an "open" one, and since we live in the city, we are REALLY close to the neighbors on either side and don't get a ton of natural light. I just feel like it would brighten things up a little bit.
I am inspired by the two pics above: first from Domino Mag and second from Pottery Barn. I really like the mix of the white and the natural wood for the stairs. I know in theory it's a shame to paint over wood, but I also feel like it is not as "wrong" as it used to be. Dan is warming up to the idea, so we'll see. :-) Hopefully no one else is gasping in horror.


Erica said...

I'm so inspired by your blog, and I've learned about new sites and decorating ideas from you. Thanks for doing this blog--I love it! I've bought two things from Craigslist (inspired by your beautiful rug and couch) and two pieces of jewelry from Etsy (never heard of it until you!) I love the Amy Butler fabrics below. When we move, I definitely will be looking at your blog and links to help me!
I say "Go for it" and paint the trim. I love white trim, and our staircase is a mix of brown wood ( i don't know the different types of wood either) and white, and I like it. I would love it if it had the neat character these staircases in the pictures have.
You have a beautiful house, and I love how you have decorated it.


Sara said...

Thank you, Erica! That just made my day! :-)

I remember taking note of your stairs last time I was there - I really loved them (and the rest of your house)!

I was talking to Christina about trying to connect with you guys when she's in town next week. I work those days, but I'm brainstorming...

Anonymous said...

I think it is fine to paint woodwork. Especially if it is old and would really need refinishing anyway. You can't just paint though. You need to sand first to get some of the finish off and rough it up, than dust it well, and do a first coat of really good primer. The primer is the key. Without it the paint will easily chip off. And don't skimp on the primer. Get a good brand.

I love the wood accents in the first picture. I wonder how hard that would be to do. Let me know if you need some help.
love ya,

Amy Kate said...

I know what you mean...we have some nice matching woodwork here in tiny house, and in the front room and bedrooms, I like it. But in the kitchen, I totally want to paint over the baseboard wood, but maintain the doorframe woodwork, which I think would be goofy.

Good luck - I love Domino magazine, and they have the best ideas. Go for it! It'll be way brighter and cheerier!