Monday, February 23, 2009

Amy Butler

In more than one etsy shop I have come across the name "Amy Butler" when referring to fabric. It's always beautiful fabric, so I decided to look her up today and now have a new obsession. This only adds to my fantasy of being able to back to getting a sewing machine for Christmas THREE years ago, making a new year's resolution to do it last year, and amassing a large box of miscellaneous fabrics that I like, but don't know how to use. Her fabrics are absolutely beautiful - below are just a few samples taken from her website. I love that she also includes "inspiration pieces" that give you ideas of what to do with the fabric.
She also sells tons of adorable patterns, and also has some free sewing patterns. There's also a shop with cute things like pillows and dishes...
I realize I don't need to recreate her entire site here, but two more things that caught my eye were these awesome books on sewing as well as these free craft patterns. And it looks like you can find her products in these places. I feel like I might be the last person to discover her, but just though I'd case I'm not. :-)

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