Friday, February 13, 2009

Crown & Crumpet

If you are ever in San Francisco, you have to make a point of visiting Crown & Crumpet. We came across it while we were at Ghirardelli Square, and it is quite possibly the cutest little shop I've ever seen. It's a tea room and shop and the decor is, well, I want it...all. There was Cath Kidston fabric everywhere and a perfect mix of whimsy and pretty in the way things were put together.
It was just before closing time when we visited, so the shop was empty and the owner was just working on restocking some things, so we had a nice chat. She was super sweet and down to earth. Then I read her bio on the website and saw she was recruited and worked for Ralph Lauren himself for several years! She obviously knows style. :-) She said the shop is scheduled to be on the cover of Romantic Homes magazine, so I'll have to keep an eye out for that. I picked up a little pink bird decoration in her shop that I'm going to hang in the kitchen window.
My pics didn't turn out as well as the ones above from the website (be sure to view the photo gallery under "About"), but here are a few, as well as a couple from another adorable nearby shop, Kara's Cupcakes (BEST cupcakes I've ever had). And we couldn't leave Ghirardelli Square without some chocolate - drinking chocolate, to be exact (and some to take home).


Swirlypepper said...

I love shops with cute furniture like this. Unfortunately I live way too far away to just pop in. But I can dream... :D

Sara said...

Dream indeed....Chicago is not as far from San Fran as London, but still quite a ways. :-)

Christina said...

How darling is that place??! Adorable. I can definitely see all of that in your house. Very cute indeed!! San Fran looks like it was so much fun. I love all of the cute little shops. :-)

la la Lovely said...

what a fun trip you had... All of the places are so great. And your crepes bellow! Wow.. I've thought of making them too.. we LOVE Nutella. In fact we were at Disney last week and went to Epcot and I had a crepe in the france section but it was no good! I'm gonna post a little pic of Crown and Crumpet and will link to you :)
xx Trina

Anonymous said...

What a cute shop. I love it!! I'm so glad you and Dan had a chance to have this wonderful trip.
love ya,