Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Now Blooming: Columbine

IMG_2621 IMG_2618 IMG_2619


Christina said...

ooh, that is so pretty. I especially l-o-v-e that first picture. I love that the background is not just blurry, it's speckled/sparkling blurry. How'd you do it?!? Love it!!

Sara said...

I think it's just because I was shooting from the ground looking up, and that was the tree in the background with the light coming through the leaves. I which I could say I did it on purpose. :-)

Actually, I was wondering how you got the background hazy in those pics of the boys playing in the pool/sprinkler. I can get the background blurry when I'm close up, but not if I'm far away.

Christina said...

Oh that is so neat that the light was just right coming through the leaves. I also just lucked out when we were playing outside. I noticed that the peonies were getting blurred in the background, but I think it was just luck. I was shooting on auto.