Sunday, June 28, 2009

This week's inspirations...

Two photos jumped out at me this week during my blog surfing. This one I love because I've been wanting to paint our piano. I even googled "painted piano" a few months back looking for inspriation, but didn't find much. Our piano came with our house. I love it and hope to teach the boys to play someday, but it's sort of beat up and not the nicest color brown. I love this picture from Katie Fine Design via Little Green Notebook:
The other one is Pierce Allen via jentrified. I am in love with this image on a number of levels. As Liz Lemon would say, "I want to go to there." :-) We have large closets upstairs and I am daydreaming of using one to make a space like this...or maybe two and make them the boy's beds (Caleb's room has two large closets - one on each side). I'm pretty confident it won't happen, but it's fun to daydream....


Anonymous said...

I love the alcoves. It is fun to dream. I have all kinds of ideas for our house and yard that I know won't happen, but you have to have a dream.
I wanted to paint our piano too. To match the white picture frames on that dark wall. Have you found and tips on how to do it?
love ya,

Erica said...

I love the idea of a painted piano. That one in the picture is really pretty.

And...I love the idea of turning the boys' closets into their beds. How fun would it be to sleep in there!!
Daydream away! It's always a fun diversion!


Amy Kate said...

love both so so much!! I love that you have a sweet old house with nooks and crannies and you can totally make that happen. I'm also really digging the wallpaper on the ceiling in the second pic!

painted piano - Love the picture here! Funny story:
When my mom and dad moved to their house (where my ma still lives), there was a player piano in the basement. Apparently no one could assess how it got down there, because it is a big honking monstrosity and would not fit up the stairs.
Anyway, the guys in the neighborhood all did work on each others' houses, had beers together, played cards, bbqed, etc. (Total American 1960s stereotype, right?)
Owner of the house lost a bet with one of his buddies, and had to paint the piano yellow. YELLOW. Not a sweet delicate shabby chic yellow. It's a big stinking yellow piano hulking in her basement. With yellow paint chipping off. So...make sure you follow the tips and love the color!!!!

Sara said...

I know...I love that wallpaper, too.

OMW - that is the wierdest painted piano story I've ever heard. Or maybe the only one. :-)

Christina said...

ooohhh, how dreamy is that little pink room? I absolutely love the idea of a tucked away closet bed. Luscious! And I second Amy, love that wallpaper!