Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pretty Bird

I have been stalking these dishes at Target for quite some time now. Every time I'm there I swing by and take a them. I actually think they look better in person; the colors are a little brighter.
The problem is, I don't really NEED new dishes. My Pfaltzgraff Summer Breeze dishes (that we got for our wedding) are doing just fine. But, tastes change over time, right? I'm also very sentimental and I think I would feel badly about abandoning our "wedding" dishes. But, we do have the china from our wedding as well, so maybe I wouldn't feel that bad. :-)
But, as I said, I don't NEED new dishes. Just want them.


The4Bells said...

That's funny, because I could go for some new dishes too but still have all of my pfaltzgraff wedding dishes too. And I have so many and so many accessories that match! And I think I've only broke like 2 plates in 9 years! It's hard to justify buying new but like you said your taste does change!

C Lo said...

GET THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was in the same boat as you. Although, I've broken three of the saucers from the Sango set we got for our wedding. I kind of think......I'm not going to eat off these till I'm fifty, right? So I that kind of gave me permission to get new dishware. I'm switching over to Fiesta. I have plenty of other stuff, I'd rather feel happy when I set out my place settings. :)

Amy Kate said...

ooh, but sara, they are so cute! And it is target, so they will go on clearance, soon, and you can sell your current set on craigslist or donate it, and there you go!
I justify because I was so irritated at our wedding dishes (crate and barrel) chipping from hand washing, and I saw these cute yellow ones at Target. Couldn't justify it, couldn't justify it, couldn't justify it and THEN...each box/set (service for 4 maybe?) went on clearance for like $12 each. So I bought two, and boxed up my wedding dishes, and donated them to a family in the area. Justified indeed!